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NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

The NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0 are designed to isolate pure, intact messenger RNA (mRNA). The procedure includes two bead-based steps to ensure maximum removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and non-messenger RNA contaminants. Magnetic based separation is used to retain poly(A) mRNA while removing all other transcripts. Beads are subsequently washed and mRNA is eluted. NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0 are specifically designed and tested for RNA-seq applications.

Kit Specs

The NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0 kit contains enough material to extract mRNA from 8, 48 or 96 total RNA samples for subsequent RNA-seq library prep or other applications. The kit ships with a minimum viable shelf life of at least six months. All components can be safely stored at 4°C.

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