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NEXTFLEX 16S V4 & 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit

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The NEXTFLEX® 16S V4 and 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit is designed to prepare libraries that cover both the V4 hypervariable domain of the 16S rRNA genes present in microbial populations and the 18S ITS regions that can identify fungal and micro-eukaryotic organisms in a single library prep. Together with the streamlined workflow and possibility of requesting up to 384 barcodes, this unique kit allows the interrogation of both bacterial and micro-eukaryotic populations within a complex community taking advantage of the high sensitivity of NGS.

The NEXTFLEX® 16S V4 & 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit contains enough material to prepare 8 or 48 amplicon-seq libraries from genomic DNA for Illumina® sequencing. The NEXTFLEX® 16S V4 & 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Automation kit contains enough material and a single-use plug-and-play barcode plate to prepare 96 libraries. The shelf life of all reagents is 12 months when stored properly. All components should be safely stored at -20°C, except the Nuclease-free Water and Resuspension Buffer, which can be safely stored at room temperature, and NEXTFLEX® Cleanup Beads, which should be stored at 4°C. Learn more about the NEXTFLEX® 16S V4 and 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit.

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